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An article written for the 2010 summer edition of “Illumination” a therapists guide to “Re-integration”.

Cold Laser Auricular Acupuncture and Epigenetic Medicine

Russ Henderson M.N.C.P. P.G.Dip (Psych)

If you don’t break your ropes while you are alive, do you think ghosts will do it after? Rumi

Auricular acupuncture cites that the human ear is a complete somototopic representation of the entire acupuncture point system upon the physical body. The ear symbolises the foetus, the ear lobe representing the head and brain of the body. This science is comprehensively based upon general acupuncture systems and theory research, plus extensive and specific clinical findings of medical doctors and acupuncturists over the last 20 years or so, mainly both in China and France (Nogier). The use of cold laser spray as a means of accessing the 200 plus acupuncture points via the auricle is undoubtedly a “whole mind body experience”.

Cold laser light is instantly decoded by the body as “essential information”, thus automatically increasing the body’s immune system functioning. Soft Laser photons (light) are at the cold end of the light spectrum, and are totally unlike surgical lasers, sitting at the hot end of the light spectrum, which are thermal and burn tissue.

The concept of Cold laser was originally designed by NASA to speed up wound recovery time in gravity free atmospheres. Light in the frequency band of 635 – 642 nanometers speeds up tissue recovery by up to 5 times faster than without, making this an ideal treatment intervention inside of frontline drugs treatment intervention for clients presenting with abscesses and associated injecting site trauma.

Electrical resistance upon auricular (ear) reflex points is very low in frequency as the reflex points are extremely close to surface of the skin of the auricle; therefore coherent light in the form of cold laser is easily absorbed as “essential information” via these ear points. Cold Laser Spray Acupuncture pens or coherent vibrations tools recognize no boundaries; they have a frequency resonance of 635 - 642 nanometres, which is exactly the same frequency the body’s cellular componentry communicate at. The application of cold Laser will affect the body at all levels including the subatomic level, and depending upon the focus of the client’s intentionality whilst being used, create change at the cellular level. Often the change is so subtle it is not registered at a conscious level, the client eventually just feels varying degrees of change.

The light emitted from the wedge shaped elliptical beam, causes energetic shifts, increases immune system functioning, whilst the light is absorbed and decoded as essential information. The light acts upon the same principle as chlorophyll, whereby the surface layers of the skin absorb coherent light, when the cellular structure has had enough light, the cells simply close. To illustrate the process further, the bodies energy pathways or meridian system, can be likened to fibre optic cables, with the laser as light passing rapidly through, as information.

Recent research into the effects of consciousness based or psychoenergetic interventions such as Energy Psychology, Acupuncture, Meditation, Reiki, Tai Chi, etc. has revealed that heavily focussed mental energy, changes brain frequency rhythms, that in turn have therapeutically beneficial effects upon the whole mind body map. Certain genes for different behavioural, emotional, and psychological activity are known to change from outside of the cell, until recently this was deemed to be impossible, now an emergence of a paradigm known as Epigenetic Medicine (Church) has clearly evidenced this phenomenon as a credible and realistic happening.

Psycho spiritual practices seem to reinforce the view that the Human Matrix (Oschman) is a whole mind body entity, and every cell is in direct communication with every other cell in all of the body all of the time. Focussed thought in tandem with Cold Laser and directed breath has a dramatic effect upon the central nervous system whilst used; this could be the “catalyst moment” for new views, different ways of thinking to be implanted. To extend and expand the use of Cold Laser Therapy and further increase its treatment effectiveness, Nimbus T.S.T.C. training workshops also carry training in the use of Acupressure, whereby applying gentle rhythmic tapping upon electrically sensitive points” that juncture along the bodies energy pathways (Meridians), combined with focussed breathing, using a positive affirmation, can drastically alter a person’s perception of a problem, belief, emotion.

Our training workshops can deliver training in techniques such as EFT, TAT, PEP and WHEE. These acupressure techniques are non toxic interventions, which are fast, simple and are potent treatment interventions that have huge potential for increasing the success of therapy / counselling interventions, reducing anxiety and panic, and assisting a client’s “feeling baseline” recovery. Acupressure science cites that negative feelings and their ensuing behaviours are a result of negative “thought fields”, (domains of influence) that with cyclic thinking get stronger over time. By applying gentle rhythmic percussion (tapping) upon certain electrically sensitive points along the arms, face and hands, whilst quietly repeating certain positive statements such as “ even though I feel out of control, I am now regaining my control”, these destructive thought fields can be reconfigured from dissonance to resonance.

Research shows that detoxification and abstinence based lifestyles are so difficult to attain to, because the original traumas (virgin wounds) that so often lead to destructive behaviours return with a vengeance once a person is successfully detoxed. Clients have learned to block these memories and their ensuing feelings with potent cloaking interventions; the use of acupressure can greatly reduce and change the energetic make up of these painful frozen imprints which are undoubtedly the catalytic convertor for relapse.

R. Henderson

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