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An article written by Russ Henderson M.N.C.P. for the Summer 2007 edition of Fidelity the quarterly magazine for the National Council of Psychotherapists

Energy Psychology for Entity Trauma

“Remove the fear and you remove the power” anon


I recently finished work with a client who had been referred to me, supposedly suffering symptoms of chronic stress after confronting an intruder inside of her house in the early hours of the morning.

My client is a middle aged business woman, who works as a procurement manager for a large American company here in the UK. She is in a long term steady relationship with her partner for 15 years, no children, no mental health problems previous to her encounter for which she was seeing me, on no medication, and a moderate liking for fine wines!! I shall refer to my client as Jean, who very timidly told her story, saying she thought I would think her “as mad”. Only her partner knew of her story, she was far to embarrassed to tell anyone.

The encounter happened 10 years ago, and had since plagued her every night. Jean awoke one night and had gone down stairs to get a drink of water, her partner sleeping soundly. As she got to the bottom of the stairs, she noticed that there was a light coming from the kitchen, the door was shut, the light shining through the glass panels, as she got to the door she saw the fridge door open and someone standing looking in the fridge, Jean automatically thought it was her partner, though confused because he was in bed a few moments previously. Then the person looking in the fridge moved backwards turned and stared at Jean, who screamed and fell back in abject terror, Jean flew upstairs and awoke her partner who immediately went to the kitchen, finding it in darkness, and no one anywhere in the house, all doors locked, and exactly as he had left it prior to coming to bed.

Jean was adamant she was not sleep walking that night, and had no history of somnambulism, Jean said she knew the person, but would under no circumstance elaborate on this. During the time talking of her experience, Jean was dissociating heavily, shaking, her voice trembling, her whole demeanour was one of terror. Jean was convinced she had seen a ghost, she had not been able to go downstairs at night since, and even going to the bathroom opposite their bedroom during the dark hours was terrifying for her.

I decided that I would use Perception Enhancement Process, a combination of TAT, - Tapas Acupressure Technique (variant) and Cold Laser Acupuncture. By gently pressing the Urinary Bladder meridian acupuncture points directly above the inside corners of the eyes and the pituitary gland point upon the Governing Vessel (directly below GV24), with the left hand, whilst cradling the base of the skull with the right hand, activating the urinary bladder points and occipital ridge, which connects to the visual cortex. TAT is a most appropriate intervention for trauma, as the acupuncture points activated are all primary trauma points. The client holds these points and is invited by the therapist to say certain statements.

We did this by starting with the “opposite statement“. Whilst holding the points described, and saying “I feel so scared” , when the client feels a shift in body awareness such as a sigh, muscle tone, emotional change etc. the points are then released, the therapist checks for information before the client resumes holding the points again. This was then followed by “I don’t feel so scared”. Traditional Chinese Medicine asserts that the truth is beyond duality, strong beliefs have an electrical polarity, and are fixed in time and space, TAT acupuncture points when activated melt duality. This had a calming effect upon Jean, then we immediately went into the first statement, whilst holding the points I invited Jean to say “ everything that led up to me seeing this person that night happened”, after a few moments, she released the points, Jean had calmed sufficiently to regain her composure, she smiled at me for the first time.

We did the second statement “Its over, its finished, I survived, and I’m okay”, again after a few moments Jean breathed a huge sigh, and released the points. I sensed that the trauma had been cleared, and so I offered Jean a closing statement “ all of my mind, all of my body, all of my energy systems and all of my personal space that has been affected by seeing this person are now beginning to heal, and I am returning to peace and love”, Jean spent approximately four minutes in this pose before releasing the points, I thought she was saying goodbye to someone. When she had finished she looked peaceful and happy, I suggested one more intervention before we finished the session, this was for me to direct a cold laser onto the Pituitary gland (3rd. Eye point - 6th. Chakra on the Governing Vessel), for approximately 90 seconds.

This is the area of the body that is most sensitive to light, and also the gland that is responsible for the secretion of Melatonin, along with the flow of the circadian rhythms, this I hoped would fine tune Jeans association with sleep again. Our session was complete, Jean thanked me and left, I said I would follow the session up with a telephone call in a few weeks time. A week later Jean rang me in a very excited manner, and described how she had awoke the previous night for a glass of water and gone downstairs, it was not until she awoke in the morning that she realised what she had done.

This piece of work was fascinating to watch how fast Energy Psychology interventions melt the misery and dissociation of trauma, reintegrating the persons fragmented parts and a return to connectivity.

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