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An article written by Russ Henderson M.N.C.P. for the 2006 Spring edition of Fidelity, the quarterly magazine for the National Council of Psychotherapists

Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy: “Molecular Healing”

Transformation of trauma at the sub-atomic level

“In the history of ideas, magic always precedes science, that the intuition of phenomena anticipates their objective knowledge” (Gauguelin 1974)


Energy Psychology, Meridian Based Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine

Vibrational Medicine etc. is as old as mankind itself,--  the energetic paradigm utilised in this modality, is the same as Reiki, Acupuncture systems and theory, and Chakra Philosophy. It has it’s roots embedded in the ancient healing arts such as Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tibetan Medicine, to name but a few. Modern science and it’s increasing ability to understand through valid research, -- human psyche / soma, is confirming what the healing arts of antiquity have been saying for millennia, current research into the bio-energy paradigms are seeing that the human species could be regarded as “liquid crystal under tension, capable of vibrating at different frequencies, some in the range of visible light“ ( Oschman J.L. 2003 ).

Energy Psychology rests upon a central theme that all psychological trauma, “emotional wounding” resides “phase locked” inside of the body, and that this trauma can be understood as a disruption of the bodies “thought field energy system”. If untreated, the trauma remains as “active information” which when triggered, is energetically encoded, inside of the thought field system, which is then experienced somatically as affect, and dissociation. Thought fields could be described as domains of influence, which have elements of electro, magnetic, gravitational, light, sound, elastic and many other constitutes of bio energy, which are visually unobservable however are inferred through their effect.

As well as acupressure, cold laser, moxibustion, suction caps, magnets, seeds etc, consumption of specific herbs as well as breathing, exercise chanting, and many other vibrational interventions can have stimulating / sedatory effects that pass as subtle energy through the bodies meridian or nadi pathways, register in the body and into the various processing centres of the brain organ. All changes are electro- chemical.


Perception Enhancement Process, is an amalgam of bio-energy interventions, used either collectively or individually, depending upon the clients presenting energy disruption, and dissociation.

For the purpose of this modality of energy therapy, acupressure and or cold laser spray can be utilised in conjunction with Chi Kung Breathing as a treatment intervention by “tapping and / or tabbing  (pressing ) at various nadi endings, upon one or more of the bodies 12 bilateral meridians, and 2 connector vessels. To cite a more scientifically acceptable notion of chi / bio energy movement, hence avoiding the usual biases, vital force and it’s healthy “free flow” happens when nerve impulses are activated.

For tapping and or tabbing interventions, ( stimulation / sedation ), great emphasis is placed upon the somatic location of the presenting perturbation’s ( disruption of bio energy flow ),  is there a colour associated with it, and the ratio of Subjective Units of Distress ( sud’s ) for example “How much does this anxiety cause you discomfort, 0 is none and 10 is maximum” ?

As opposed to certain therapeutic interventions, the chances of painful “abreactions” with tapping and or tabbing, including that of cold laser spray, are virtually non existent. This is as a result of the trauma being “cleared” as quickly as it was made, but not in the same state. Energy Psychology research is showing how our bodies molecular structure with its atoms and electrons, interact and communicate with the coherent light ( photons )  at the cellular level and much deeper still, - this information is decoded inside of our bio-energy fields as affect. It is hypothesised that trauma resolution is the realignment of dissonant molecular oscillation at the sub atomic level.

As and when appropriate “Manual Muscle Testing” can be used as a diagnostic tool to confirm or eradicate certain fundamental ideas, notions, beliefs etc. or check resistance that is surfacing. Manual Muscle Testing can give concise indication as to which Meridian/s  are best used to clear the existing peturbation/ s. A peturbation could be described as the original specific energetic code of the trauma, which when triggered produces the negative affect.  Manual Muscle Testing is a central theme to Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy ( T.F.T. ), it derives from George Goodheart’s Applied Kinesiology, which cites the “body never lies” ( Goodheart G. J. jr.) This process of the “body never lies”, can elicit valuable information  from the client, and when used correctly, can put the traditional impasses of “ambivalence and motivation” into perspective rapidly.

When introducing Manual Muscle Testing as a means of information access, it is necessary to determine the impact “Bio Entrainment” (resonance) will have in diagnosing the clients muscle integrity correctly. Bio Entrainment is very much an energetic process which works upon the principle of two rhythms which are different in frequency, but nearly the same, hence they soon become mutually phase locked and operate as one frequency.  The field of the therapist will effect the field of the client, and vice versa, but even more so when physically in contact. Inside of Bio Entrainment theory, the historic and often complex theories of Symbiosis, Transference and Counter Transference, enter the Energy Psychology domain, and breathe new life force.

It is hypothesised that the percussion or stimulating motion of the Acupressure, transduces kinetic energy into the bio energy system, changing the vibration of the intrusive peturbation, thus relieving the energetic property of the trauma. It is thought that the effect is created by the specific point of the Meridian being worked upon, is located to or very close to bone which is crystallised calcium, subsequently the mechanical stress created by the tapping has a “piezoelectric” effect inside of the energy pathway / meridian. For example an imbalance or disharmony of bio-energy (Chi) inside of the stomach meridian, could be the energetic charge for the emotional experience of irrational fear.

Perception Enhancement Process is very much a Complementary Holistic Therapeutic approach, a whole body, mind spirit experience. The modality I am describing in this article is not designed to replace any existing therapeutic intervention, merely a chance to review, update and enhance the dynamic and diversity of a flexible treatment approach.

What we have in essence can be an incredibly potent and creative therapeutic intervention, to work with Psyche / Soma energetic disruption / disharmony. I have used Energy psychology Interventions extensively on many occasions, and have never ceased to be amazed at the speed, simplicity and effectiveness with which they put client’s lives back into synchronicity. In my experience I have found the creativity of their application invaluable, and seek to promote their inclusion as curriculum subjects in medical schools, as frontline primary treatment approaches for the drug / alcohol substance misuse field, acute and primary care settings, the multiplicity and diversity to their application is limitless. Certainly G.P. counsellors, who often are allowed 5 - 6 sessions with a client, could benefit from energy medicine, inside of their very limited client contact time.

Psycho-pathology can be viewed as ultimately a disease (“dis-ease”) of the vibrational energy at the sub-atomic level. The pathology may present as chemical imbalance, however the underlying problem is of an electromagnetic nature. The energetic interventions such as tapping, tabbing - laser spray, balance / correct the peturbation, hence “entraining or resonating” the oscillations back to coherence.  This modality models safe, non toxic ways with which to deal with trauma, anxieties, self esteem issues, neurosis, psychoses, and many other manifestations of energetic disruptions, to which clients often attempt to self soothe through toxic - destructive behaviours, ultimately completing and reinforcing the Gestalt of lack of self worth.


Cold Laser Spray Acupuncture is a perfectly safe form of non invasive bio - energy stimulation / sedation. Cold Laser Spray is unlike surgical lasers which are used at the hot end of the light spectrum, for incisions, and invasive clinical procedures. The application has undergone nearly 3,000 tests, to my knowledge with no harmful effects ever reported.

Auricular acupuncture is a process of stimulating / sedating acu points upon the ear. Auricular medicine cites that the ear is a complete somototopic representation of the entire acupuncture points upon the physical body, and that the ear symbolises the foetus, the ear lobe representing the head and brain of the person. This science is comprehensively based upon systematic research and extensive clinical findings of medical doctors and acupuncturists in China and Europe. The use of cold laser spray as a means of activating the 250 plus acu points upon the ear, is undoubtedly a “whole mind / body / spirit experience.

Electrical resistance on auricular points is very low in frequency; therefore coherent light in the form of cold laser is easily absorbed as information via these ear points. Cold Laser Spray Acupuncture or coherent vibrations recognize no boundaries; it has a frequency resonance of 635 - 640 nanometers, which is exactly the same frequency the bodies’ cellular componentry communicate at. The application of cold Laser will affect the body at a subatomic level, and depending upon the intentionality and of the focus of the therapeutic relationship, create change at some cellular level. Often the change is so subtle it is not registered at a conscious level, the client just feels varying degrees of change.

When engaging with clients who experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and have been using central nervous system depressant / stimulant drugs such as crack cocaine and heroin to self soothe, this process can benefit enormously. The light emitted from the wedge shaped elliptical beam, causes energetic shifts, as stale energy from toxic pathogens is moved through the meridian, whilst the light is absorbed and decoded as essential information. The light acts upon the same principle as chlorophyll, whereby the surface layers of the skin absorb coherent light, when the cellular structure has had enough light the cells simply close. To illustrate the process further, the meridian system can be likened to fibre optic cables with the laser as light passing rapidly through, as information.

When working with trauma, particularly clients who have experienced degrees of physical abuse, rape, torture etc. and just cannot begin to understand their horrifically painful narrative, energy psychology is a most gentle, respectful manner in which to engage the client, if need be, no dialogue between therapist and client is necessary, the client tunes into the negative thought field, then various energy techniques can be used, such as Tapas Acupressure Technique ( TAT ), which frees up information processing upon the Corpus Callosum and associated inter-hemispheric fibres of the frontal lobes, -- Cold Laser Acupuncture, using sprayed light over the ears, crown ( Ketheric Chakra ), and throat ( Etheric Chakra) which seems to access and integrate the experience, Chi Kung Breathing to focus mental intention and transfer operant information processing to the Para sympathetic nervous system, which will in turn start to activate sedatory neuro - transmitters such as endomorphins, again this process supplemented and augmented by the drinking of warm water infused with Bach Flower Essence. The client’s entire sensory experience is catered for during this process, visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, gustatory and olfactory.

Clients presenting with a diversity of emotional problems, particularly phobias, low esteem, performance anxiety, etc. can gain benefit from Energy Psychology as the educational information can be used to enhance and firm up life changing decisions.  Effective state management is imperative for future quality of life. Energy Psychology Interventions are directive, yet subtle, they aim to put the locus of control back inside the domain of the client. If used correctly this can begin to happen extremely quickly, however Energy Psychology as a means of therapy is not under any consideration to be taken as a “quick fix”, or a way to minimise the painful experience of the client, thorough assessment, diagnosis, empathy, unconditional respect for the I thou relationship, timing distance and harmony, are but a few of the prerequisites for successful therapy.


We have briefly looked at how we may view ourselves as systemic energetic continuums, clearing traumas with energetic interventions such as tapping/ tabbing, and an overview of cold laser spray therapy. “Feelings are information”, just as my route to work and my office layout have visual/spatial information, my feelings give me information about how I perceive myself to be right now, inside of my immediate environment, however when accessing the raw energy of triggered traumatic memories, it is then, who I may perceive myself to be at the time the original trauma was created, this dissociation takes me away from here and now functioning.

Trauma are phase locked frequencies, energetically encoded into the bodies “Thought Field Energy System”, are debilitating over time and cannot be dissolved in the same state in which they were created: example, “ the best way to get over an auto accident, is to get back into one as quickly as you can”.

The Energy Psychology domain has a focus upon transferring the locus of control back into the domain of the client. In essence, -- clients care plans could have a greater dimension to cater for destructive behaviour experientially, rather than just by dialogue, after all not all clients respond to counselling! Inside of the context of its clinical approach, the Energy Psychology perspective could be said to encompass a Psychodynamic, Cognitive, Humanistic and Transpersonal paradigm, as it addresses disruptions / disharmonies of intra psychic energy, which in turn if left in a state of dissonance, will undoubtedly compromise thinking, feeling, behaviour and relationships, both internal and external. The incorporation of the Transpersonal domain is integral in any true resolution of trauma”. Healing as with life force itself comes to us via the vertical energy spectrum. “The fact that we can indeed enhance our capacity for empathy becomes obvious when we consider its nature”. H.R.H. the Dalai Lama

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