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Level 1 Energetic Psychology Training Workshops:

NONE of the Techniques Taught Involve Physically Touching a Child

Energetic Psychology is based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, and is an eclectic amalgam of ancient healing and spiritual traditions that understand the role the bodies vital energies have upon a persons psychological, emotional and physical health.

NB.We are not suggesting that the techniques briefly described herein are magical, miracle cures, but nothing other than essential powerful psychological emotional / first aid tools, that if done correctly will enhance Student performance.

This approach has been called Acupressure for the emotions, it is a self empowerment approach embroiled inside of Mindfulness, that shifts brain patterns that often culminate in unwanted thoughts and their subsequent behaviours, such as anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety, shame, guilt depression etc.

This workshop is an ideal starting place for Teaching staff to begin to understand the fascinating realm of Behavioural Neuro Science and how the human body stores and responds to traumatic memories and current distress.

This workshop is run by our Principal Trainer and has a maximum ceiling of 9 persons, this way all of the workshop participants have plenty of personal tuition and excellent opportunities to ask questions and share their workshop experiences.

The workshop time will be spent with staff mainly working inside of triads practising the demonstrations given by the trainer, then coming back as a collective to discuss the workshop delegates experience of working with the techniques, what they saw, heard and felt.

We emphasise a Socratic form of teaching inside of this particular forum, specifically aiming to involve all in a warm and safe collective experience, whereby delegates can glean as much information as they need to become confident and competent in using the techniques delivered post workshop.

Our experience using the EFT (Variant) techniques with Students has been overwhelmingly positive in the 15 years we have been delivering both therapy and training.

Quite unique and most definitely less complex than traditional counselling, EFT (Variant) does not require much dialogue at all, also is most suitable for Children and Young Persons of all ages, and adults too !!!!, you would find the interventions are indeed an elegant and extremely useful tool when working with Children and Young Persons who have diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition as the techniques temporarily “turn off” the sympathetic nervous system responsible for adrenalin flow and the bodies fight flight response.

When used over a period of time, research indicates that the natural plasticity of the brain can re-route information so that todays highly anxious social responses can be reformed into a more calmer and expanded manner of thinking and behaving.

EFT (Variant) Emotional Freedom Techniques suggest that by applying Chi Kung breathing techniques, gentle rhythmic pressure along various electrically sensitive points upon the the face, shoulders and hands whilst saying positive statements has a massive positive effect onto and into the bodies thought field bio energy system.

Our system relies upon a central premise, that all emotional disharmony is a blockage or a disruption inside of the bodies bio energy battery, that all emotions come into the body via our organ network, thus for example, a Student with Anger Management issues would be encouraged to concentrate the breathing, visualisation and tapping upon a liver acupuncture point, as the liver is known to retain and harness historic anger which comes into play in the present when the Student becomes negatively aroused.

We have over the years refined the science of EFT (Variant) into a simple and profoundly reformative elegant intervention into a model specifically aimed at Schools / Colleges where time is most often a critically managed component, therefore simplicity is crucial, so with this in mind we have added and deleted certain elements inside of the original Emotional Freedom Techniques, our feedback has been overwhelmingly positive both from students and staff alike, thus we call our workshops EFT (Variant) as this is a hybrid variation of the original model.

Staff attending this workshop, will see the interventions shown and discussed as an ideal accompaniment for any challenging behaviour / physical intervention training you have done in the past or are to attend in the future, as the techniques would be seen as crucial in effective “incident arousal desensitisation” and positively interrupting the patterns of repeated problematic behaviour, thus maintaining the integrity of the ethos of reducing the need for physical interventions.

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