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Training Workshops in the Art of Behavioural Neuro Science:

Bespoke training workshops for the Educational Sector:

All Nimbus Therapy  training workshops are C.P.D. (Continuing Professional Development) training workshops and are delivered by a fully insured / qualified Trainer and accredited member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapists. (MBACP)

We offer to bring to your School / College, state of the art Behavioural Neuro Science, Mindfulness, Neuroception, & Energetic Psychology Workshops

We have combined some of the latest psychological approaches and understandings inside the fields of Challenging Behaviour, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Condition, Trauma and Attachment, which are intended to update, enhance and broaden the existing skills of your pastoral / counselling services offer to your Children / Students.


These training workshops are a unique and specifically structured half or full day training event depending upon the needs of your learning community.

Any workshop purchased by yourselves will be constructed to suit the individual needs of your colleagues, and can be delivered in half a day or a full day, should you decide that you would like to have your own team of trainers offering Energy Therapy courses to your School or partner Schools, we can offer a 2 day train the trainer seminar so you in turn can run your own “in house” CPD Train the Trainer Seminars.

Our workshops operate at a ceiling of 9 members of staff maximum, and would intend for them to be absorbed as a “fun, experiential and collective forum”, not a didactic PowerPoint seminar. Much of the time on the workshop will be spent under the supervision of the Trainer practising the techniques with your colleagues, then exploring as a group, your interpretations of the energy you have just been involved in, so that you can begin using the techniques as soon as you feel confident and competent after the workshop.

Nimbus Therapy will continue to support your colleagues after the training at no extra cost, via telephone and email, and would return with an advanced level 2 training should this be something that you required in the future.

We are not offering therapy training….. Nimbus energy therapy workshops offer simple “therapeutic techniques” that are designed to be used as and when needed at any time to alleviate emotional distress and many other psyche / soma ailments.

For Pre School and Primary Schools should you wish, we would introduce Staff to the use of a therapeutic toy called Tappy Bear, (T Schilling), an absolutely enchanting cuddly toy bear which has a number of glass beads located upon its head, upper chest and arm, which the Children are invited to tap and repeat certain statements such as “Tappy makes me happy”, small Children love to work in this safe and creative manner, emotional change and state regulation usually happen quickly as Children have very sensitive vital energy systems that do not need as much physical manipulation as older Children and Adults do. There are many potent whole class exercises which aim to introduce small Children to the world of energy and increase their relationships with one another.

Energetic Therapy / Energy Psychology could be described as a Family of powerful evidence based therapeutic interventions which combine both ancient and contemporary approaches to the cessation of mind body distress.

(We would invite the interested reader to click on the Research link and also to search other pages of our website for an expanded understanding of this psychological paradigm).

Our level one Training workshop which gives the essential groundwork to begin to use the techniques with creative confidence is entitled EFT (Variant) & The Energetics of Challenging Behaviours ( please refer to the menu on the left for further detail) will give you the necessary tools to start to develop your own particular individual style of working with simple, creative and potent ways to work with emotional problems that often arise inside of Schools and Colleges.

Whether you are working with issues such as bullying, eating distress, bereavement, Parents / Step Parents separation / divorce, anger and aggression etc. E.P. interventions are fast, potent, non-invasive, creating a deeper and trusting relationship with their named worker.

Theses workshops are an elegant and informative supplement to the type of Challenging Behaviour / Physical Intervention Training your staff have undergone, exploring the nature of attachment and trauma, offering fast and potent interventions to ease and assist a distressed Y.P.

Our level two Training Workshops TAT & The Energetics Of Our Belief System (again please refer to the menu on the left for further detail), are designed to move your current skills into newer territories, you are very likely to be amazed at the speed and power the energy created with an intention of altruism, dissipates the pain and resistance damaged feelings and confusion can cause, then there is the advantage that using these techniques on oneself will elevate your very own thinking / feeling patterns, both enhancing empathy and increasing your immune system.

Our feedback from Parents has been that in an age whereby diagnosis and medication of Young People especially Children is undeniably on the increase, they have found that using energy interventions with their Children and Young People, gives the Parents an element of control back into their domain, particularly when they have offspring who suffer nigh time enuresis, poor sleep patterns, and regular disturbing dreams, all of these symptoms respond extremely well to Energetic Psychology techniques.

Today thousands of health care professionals of all description worldwide are using energy psychology interventions of varying type, whether in a setting of natural disasters, earthquake, Tsunami, combat stress, G.P.’s, addiction recovery, bereavement, clinical depression etc., techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique), TFT (Thought Field Therapy) are gaining huge success in trauma recovery, with no recurrence of distressing symptoms.

You will see on our research page, there is huge and overwhelming suggestion that short term pieces of therapeutic input using EP interventions, is vastly increasing the effectiveness of therapy when dealing with many issues that create resistance inside of the mind body realm.

During our training with you, our energy protocols are explained in detail and will provide an excellent framework for you to work safely, ethically and sensitively with your Y.P.’s.

(Energetic Psychology techniques are also appropriate for members of staff to use with groups of Y.P.’s)

Acupuncture systems and theory hypothesises that there are 14 major energy pathways encircling the human body, these energy lines are said to convey our “vital energy / bio energy” (Chi) to all areas of our organism. It is known that we have dozens of points that could be described as “electrically sensitive” which appear close to the surface of the skin, gentle rhythmic percussion, or gentle still touch along certain areas on the face, arms and hands, changes the frequency of the energy being moved, negative thoughts and distressed feelings / emotions, vibrate at a lower frequency, visualisation, breathing, and tapping raise the vibration of the body, rapidly reducing confusion and distress, and increasing the functioning of the immune system, which dips dramatically along with blood sugar levels when we experience distress.

Energy Psychology is a vast and awesome multiverse of experience; therefore Nimbus workshops have carefully woven together over time, frameworks of information and knowledge that will serve as a robust scaffold for you to incorporate your own specific needs and requirements onto, whilst being mindful we do not want to overwhelm our training group, “less is more”.

Our training aim is to create a safe, nurturing and enjoyable learning environment for you, whilst our training objective is to provide you with an experience that will both inform and inspire you to raise the quality of life for all those that you work with, we thank you for your time reading this section of our website.

We would invite any interested Training Purchaser to contact us in the first instance….

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