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Trauma Energetics & Perception Enhancement Process

“ In the space between the last thought and a future image, rests this moment, the timeless present, In the suspended hope from one breath to the next falls the shadow, this is all there is, in the instant of my intent and your reaching out for peace, comes the healing interacting fields, chakras opening, meridians balancing, realignment to the eternal, each unique pattern of light, the personal energy line, is part of the one, the field that unites us and makes us whole”. ANON

`Everything in our universe is comprised of matter and energy. Energy is the more fundamental of the two, in that matter is condensed energy. Einstein observed that matter and energy are interchangeable manifestations of the same basic reality. Research into quantum physics has revealed that electrons the most elemental particles can either be particles or waves, depending upon the experiment being conducted, all of these particles / waves are actually energy held together and in, by forces and fields, these forces are known as gravity, electromagnetism, nuclear force and strong force, that they are distinguishable from matter and energy in that they function as blueprints.

The structure of energy can be referred to as information, literally in – formation which comes about as an interaction of energy and fields “packing” energy into specific shapes and arrangements (matter), these arrangements are variably referred to as hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, carbon dioxide and proteins etc. the fundamental constituents of the arrangements are essentially the same. The differences in our manifest world are a function of the arrangement or shape and numbers of elements. The same basic holds true in relation to human functioning, matter as a still pond, energy as the force that disturbs the stillness by throwing a pebble into the pond, and information as ripples created by the impact.

Perception Enhancement Process is an integrated, systemic and energetic mind, body spirit approach to the de-sensitisation, reduction and resolution of so called “stress disorders” or trauma.

The negative emotions which emanate from a traumatic experience / s, block the healthy flow of life force causing dissociation, disaffect are amongst a plethora of other disharmonious peturbations (energetic pulses) which stunt a humans potential of achievement and potential, contrary to some popular psychological thinking remain inside of the whole body as “phase locked frequencies”. It can be very simply reasoned that thought, perception, sensation and memory are all energetically linked, thus when the energy of a painful experience is activated by a person re-experiencing that original stimulus, if the energy of that trauma has not been altered and continues phase locked, the unpleasant experience will remain, as the peturbations continue to vibrate at that dissonant frequency………restoring balance from dissonance to resonance is vital.

A traumatised client is encouraged and guided through deep relaxation before the energy work begins; the process is elegant, gentle yet powerfully transforming. One rapid full deep inhalation through the nose with tongue on the roof of the mouth, whilst the client visualises the inhalation with their favourite peacefully relaxing colour to be, followed by a slow deep exhalation through the mouth with the tongue on the base of the mouth, breathing out the colour they associate the trauma to be, creates a “piezoelectric effect” (vital energy under pressure), via vibration and sound (sonic resonance) from the natural movements of the breathing. The colour visualisation with the inhalations and exhalations is intensified during the visualisation, with a view of emptying the body of the contaminated chi associated with the trauma, revitalising the chi with a clear and vibrant energy.

This energy breath, the most natural form of chi movement, radiates throughout the soma /psyche (mind / body), this chi can be directed by visualisation to create change on a multitude of levels.

Traditional acupuncture systems and theory states that Chi is a type of mind body force, that chi is manifest through the internal organs and mind body systems, chi also enters the body by way of specific electrically sensitive points close to the surface of the skin where there is little or no electrical resistance, an understanding of the internal organs and the specific accompanying emotion each organ is responsible for bringing into the body, brings deeper trauma resolution.

The painful distorted “thought fields” (a thought field could be described as a domain of influence, difficult to observe but is inferred through its effects) responsible for holding the energetic matrix of the trauma together are realigned using the most powerful words known to man “love and gratitude”.

Perception Enhancement Process (PEP) draws source, inspiration and information from many disciplines, some born out of recent developments, some of ancient healing antiquity, Acupuncture systems and theory, Chi Kung, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Behavioural Neuro Science, Inner Child / Inner Parent Conflict Resolution (Transactional Analysis), Buddhist Psychology, Eye Movement De-sensitisation Re-processing (EMDR), Ericksonian – altered states of consciousness, Thought Form Resolution (TFR), Energy Field Therapy, Zen, Guided Affected Imagery, Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Gestalt, Mindfulness, Chakra philosophy, Cold laser therapy etc. – all nourish and inform the energy therapy we use to assist our clients take back their autonomy to yet again fine tune their innate potential.

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