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Nimbus therapeutic Services & Training Consultancy: Safeguarding Policy

Nimbus Therapeutic Services & Training Consultancy acknowledges our duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of Children and Young Persons, and is committed to ensuring our safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice and the professional expectations of our regulatory accrediting body The National Council of Psychotherapists.
This policy recognises that the welfare and safety of Children and Young Persons are paramount in all circumstances. It strives to ensure that regardless of age, gender, religion or beliefs, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or socio- economic background, all Children and Young Persons who work therapeutically with Nimbus T.S.T.C. will be treated unconditionally with respect, compassion and consistency of approach, so that their experience of therapy with us, will be a felt positive experience.
As part of our Safeguarding policy Nimbus Therapeutic Services & Training Consultancy will:
Promote, prioritise and advocate the safety and wellbeing of all of the Children and Young persons we work with without exception.
Ensure that we as a therapeutic consultancy update ourselves with the mandatory Safeguarding training on a regular basis so that we are constantly updated as the newer theories and understandings and also the legislation inside the fields of Child abuse come into being.
Ensure that confidential, detailed and accurate records of any concerning disclosures are shared with the appropriate Child care agencies as soon as concerns are raised, and that these records are securely stored.
Ensure that all Children and Young Persons that we work with inside of therapy are as fully aware as reasonably practicable, the exclusions inside of our confidentiality contracts, so that in the event of a concerning disclosure being tendered, that they will understand that the therapist has both an ethical and legal requirement to share this concerning information with the appropriate agencies.
Ensure that our clinical supervision at least complies with the mandatory expectation for the number of therapeutic hours completed each month.
Ensure that this Safeguarding policy is regularly reviewed every three months, amended and updated accordingly
R. Henderson: PGDip (Psych), CAPS (Couns) M.N.C.P. (Snr Accred) Nimbus T.S.T.C. Principal Therapist

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