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“Our aim is simply to get you out of therapy as quickly and effectively as possible”

Our Psychotherapy practice offers Specialised Individual Treatment Plans comprising 6 meetings (more complex problems will sometimes take more input), we will see a client within 24 of hours of referral if necessary.

Nimbus Psychotherapy & Counselling has purposely built a therapy profile which will specifically cater for Children & Young persons who have been waiting for CAMHS Psychological & Emotional assistance, we understand too well that the window of opportunity for Children & Young Persons to enter into therapy quite often has a “sell by date”, thus extended periods of time awaiting help is likely to be extremely counter productive to successful trauma resolution.

With this in mind we have also over the years devised forms of therapy with Children & Young Persons in mind, knowing that many of them, especially small Children, will find the exploration and discussion of their painful narrative too daunting, when these situations arise, we are quite happy to work with a brief understanding as to the origin of their pain and we do not require our young clients to talk about what happened in detail should they not want that.

We cater for clients of all ages, specialising in complex trauma work such as P.T.S.D. & Combat Stress, Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence, and have extensive experience working inside the fields of Autistic Spectrum Condition, Attachment, A.D.H.D., Challenging Behaviours, Substance Reliance, Depression, Bereavement, Eating Distress, Body Image, Panic Attacks, Performance Anxiety etc.

Nimbus Psychotherapy and Counselling services offer a fast and affordable, user friendly, treatment intervention for the cessation and resolution of Stress Disorders. All sessions are hosted by a Fully Qualified, Accredited, Insured & Registered Psychotherapist with the National Council of Psychotherapists who has undergone enhanced Children's Services, C.R.B. / D.B.S. and OFSTED checks.

Psychological and emotional conditions such as listed above, create energetic shifts inside of us that cause suffering on many levels. Large part of our work with you will be to coach you how to manage any unwanted feelings & behaviours long term, without the interference of having to involve or contact a Therapist / Counsellor.

Generally the procedure begins with a telephone call to us, where the client explains briefly what their need is. At this point we will have a good idea as to whether we are the right intervention service, and if at any point during the assessment we become aware that another health care service will be more appropriate, then with their permission we can refer the client onto that particular service should they wish.

After the initial telephone call, an assessment consultation with you will be arranged where we will spend one hour and fifteen minutes maximum discussing the dynamics of the problem and contracting a treatment plan.

It is at this stage that confidentiality is explained in detail so that the client is aware of what constitutes a breach of confidentiality. In this way, information shared with us will only be talked about inside of the therapist’s personal clinical supervision sessions, so that information shared with us stays with us, unless the information shared with the therapist clearly breaches the mutually agreed contract of confidentiality.

Our intention is to involve our client in their own personal healing process and, therefore, for the duration of our work together, we ask that the client does short daily tasks that we use during the therapeutic process to maintain that optimum flow of energy.

Our therapeutic plan is normally carried out over six sessions, each session lasting one hour and fifteen minutes maximum; most sessions are weekly, but can be twice weekly depending upon the severity and frequency of the presenting symptoms. At the end of the sixth session, we review how the client feels about themselves and their issues now, a month or so later, it is at this stage that we can contract for further work if necessary.

We offer an open session when the work is complete to explore if there is anything “left over” for our client, and then diary a final session again for us to meet 3 months later to continue the support and move on, there is no charge for these two meetings.

Our unique integrative therapeutic approach combines Behavioural Neuro Science, Chi Kung, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Inner Child / Inner Parent Conflict Resolution (Transactional Analysis), Buddhist Psychology, Eye Movement De-sensitisation Re-processing (EMDR), Ericksonian – altered states of consciousness, Thought Form Resolution (TFR), Energy Field Therapy, Zen, EFT variant (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Guided Affected Imagery, Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Gestalt, Mindfulness, Chakra philosophy, Cold laser therapy etc.

We would invite the interested reader to navigate to the Case Studies section to get a fuller flavour and expanded understanding of how our Psychotherapy practice comes into being, you will see that a client motivated and focussed upon positive change, gains positive change quickly and that those positive results appear to our research not to fade with time.

We thank you for reading this and look forward to meeting with you.


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