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Client: Hannah

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Nationality: British

Occupation: College Student (Graphic Designer)

Dates: September 2007

Presenting problem / s: Clinical diagnosis of strephococcycal immune system disorder, wheelchair bound for one week, prescribed anti psychotic medication (Haloperidol ) for reduction of muscle spasms, witnessed huge amounts of DV as a  child, strong suspicion of sexual abuse as a child, 2 weeks prior to the onset of the current illness birth parents split up. Currently under the care of a psychiatrist, has spent 3 weeks in I.C.U at a hospital in Bristol after being admitted to an A+E in Devon. At the time of our sessions she was living at home with her mother. Hannah was also experiencing severe panic attacks, and breathing difficulties.

Treatment plan: 2 sessions of EFT followed by a third and final session using TAT

Session one: I Met with Hannah along with her Mother in the counselling centre, we both assisted Hannah from the lift in the hall area into the therapy room and enabled her into a settee from her wheelchair, Hannah stated “unable to walk, legs not working at all”. Described her condition as “this illness”, suds’ rated the illness as frustrating 10 / 10, green colour throughout her body.

Treatment intervention: cold laser stimulation of back of ear lobe to induce operant parasympathetic nervous system functioning, temporary adrenalin blocker,(reduce client anxiety), EFT Bi lateral stimulation / sedation of 14 major meridians, chi kung breathing during sedation of points after tapping using guided affected imagery. The tapping affirmation / statement Hannah created was “I give myself permission to heal from this illness”. After treatment Hannah described herself as very relaxed / peaceful. Mum and I assisted Hannah back into the lift and car in her wheelchair.

I received a telephone call from Hannah’s mother the day after the first session, saying she had got home from work that afternoon and Hannah was getting ready to go out with her friends, the wheelchair was in the hall, folded up.

Session two: Hannah walked in to the counselling room smiling at me, described herself as very happy, seven days on and no return to the wheelchair, when I asked how she might consider this as being… she replied, something in her body changed after the last treatment. Hannah described the sud’s from the last rating as indescribable, could not put a number to it, the green had gone and not been replaced by a colour.

Treatment intervention: EFT bilateral stimulation / sedation of 14 major meridians, chi kung breathing to enhance sedation work on energy points.

The tapping affirmation/statement was  ...“My body is now healing from this illness”. At the end of the session Hannah described herself again as very peaceful and happy. We arranged to meet the following week for our third session.

Hannah rang me on the morning of our final session saying she was okay and did not need another treatment, she thanked me for my input and said she would ring if she had a relapse, she was due to see her consultant the following week.

I rung Hannah one month later, she was tired but getting stronger, no indication of the original SUD’s, and no colour of the trauma in her body, no return to the wheelchair. A 3 month “follow up” telephone call indicated none of the body colour associated with the trauma, no frustration, zero sud’s and she had not returned to her wheelchair, Hannah was working in a fashion clothes shop, was still on medication and still under the supervision a consultant paediatrician.

When I asked where her illness was, she replied “who knows – who cares its gone”. Hannah reports she is happy in herself, although she still rows with her Mother! I did a final follow up telephone call after 6 months and found that Hannah described herself as feeling amazing, thanked me for my help, she informed me that her father had died some weeks ago, there was still no return to the wheelchair. Hannah reported her “life is good”.

Russ Henderson

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