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Client: Carla

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Nationality: British

Occupation: School Pupil

Dates: September 2007

Presenting problem /s: Nightmares, panic attacks, hyperarousal, sleep deprivation, loss of appetite, hallucinations.

Treatment plan: 4 sessions in total. Assessment / diagnosis session with intro to EFT, one further session of EFT, third session TAT, final session of TAT, session 1 + 2 to incorporate cold laser.

Session one:

Carla was referred to me via a primary school that I had worked for delivering training for staff. Carla had been referred into CAMHS (Children Adolescent Mental Health Service) by her school, but was deemed “not stable” for therapeutic work as Carla had recently been taken into Foster Care.

Carla had been taken into care by Children and Young Peoples Services along with her Brother after an investigation by Social Workers and Child Abuse Investigation Unit Police when she had disclosed to teaching staff she had been sexually assaulted by a person who visited the Family home. The Children were living with their single Mother who was using the home as a hoarding place for class A drugs being transited to various locations around the U.K.

I met with Carla along with her class teacher, Carla presented as extremely nervous and much disoriented. I explained who I was and that I was not going to ask her any questions about what had happened. This cheered Carla somewhat, I then proceeded to ask the standard 4 questions I use when using Energy Psychology intervention / assessments, firstly what is the main feeling you are feeling right now, secondly how big is that feeling from 0 – 10, thirdly where in your body might that feeling live / or be coming from, and finally, if the feeling had a colour what colour might that feeling be. Carla answered… guilty, 10, tummy area, browny black.

This was all we needed to start. We created a “tapping affirmation”even though I feel so guilty, I have done nothing wrong”, I invited Carla to say the word nothing louder that the other words, I then invited Carla to touch the back of her hand with the cold laser pen I had instructed her to use, touching a triple heater point on the back of her hand for one minute, this intervention stimulates stagnant chi and boosts immune system functioning.

We then did one round of EFT, but tapping both sides of the body, we also used a chi kung breathing / visualization method whilst doing the tapping, Carla breathed in her favourite colour blue quickly, and breathed out the toxic browny / black colour slowly upon each acu point. At the end of the session Carla’s facial  colour had returned, her face looked peaceful, and she yawned constantly, I thanked her for her effort and bravery and said I would return next week.    

Session 2:

Carla looked quite different than the previous week, she was able to focus, made good eye contact with me, laughed at various points of our conversation, and said she was sleeping with no intrusive dreams, she was eating well and did not think too much about the person who had hurt her, though he was still in the “shade” as she called it.  Carla rated the SUD’s as 5/10, was not feeling guilty, no feeling in her tummy and could not remember the colour. We repeated the work exactly as we had done the previous week, although we changed the tapping affirmation to “even though I do not feel guilty anymore, I have done nothing wrong”. At the end of the session Carla started to giggle, again I thanked her for her bravery and concentration; I gave her a large chocolate cookie which she immediately devoured.

Session 3:

Carla greeted me and cheekily asked if I had bought any cookies. She reported that the guilt was not there at all anymore, and could not remember the colour or location in her body. Obviously there was the massive psychological turmoil she and her Brother were going through with regard to being taken away from their Mother and this was going to be an issue for therapy later in her life, however what I was offering Carla was simply “symptom relief and social control”, also a felt sense that therapy could be place where she could take back control of her crazy world.

This time we did TAT, by holding certain points at the side of the eyes, holding the third eye point, and with the other hand gently holding the base of skull, this intervention of gently pressing acupuncture points, (electrically sensitive points that are close to the surface of the skin where electrical resistance is low), reconfigures the energetic data that holds and binds traumatic information.

I then invited Carla to visualize standing at the top a mountain, with the perpetrator standing at the bottom of the mountain miles away from her, We then did a chi kung breathing visualisation and drew all of her spent energy that she had lost from being hurt, back into her body with a fast intake of breath, and with a slow exhalation Carla made the abuser smaller and smaller, whilst she did this I invited Carla to with the exhalations gradually make him disappear, I noticed Carla started to smile. At the end of the session Carla said quietly “he is gone”.

Session 4:

This was to be our last session, Carla greeted my like an old friend this time, joking with me and asking me where the biscuits where, Carla said she was sleeping well, she did wake up at nights, but if she started to worry she tapped which sent her to sleep, when I asked her if she felt guilty she replied with a stern face “why should I, I’ve done nothing wrong”! I asked, if the man who had hurt her was in the room where he might be, Carla quietly giggled and said “I wouldn’t let him in”. We then did the TAT pose; though this time I invited Carla to say out loud “I give my body permission to heal from my pain with love and thanks to me”.

At the end of this session we made an “anchor” a place upon the back of Carla’s hand (triple heater point) where she could hold or tap at any time when she felt nervous and this would introduce the calm the therapy sessions had created.

I did 3 brief follow up telephone calls over the coming months to the school as Carla was moving into a comprehensive school a few weeks after I last met with her, the school reported that she had settled well into her school, had made friends and was achieving.

Russ Henderson

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