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Client: Dave

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Nationality: British

Occupation: C.P.N. Youth Offending Team

Dates: November 2007

Presenting problem / s: Recurrent fear when driving past a former car crash site, P.T.S.D. response type symptoms, avoidance of crash area, intrusive dreams, pre-occupation of negative thoughts, unable to concentrate.

Treatment plan: EFT for resolution of fear symptoms, gradual exposure to the trigger stimulus.

Dave is a 32 year old Community Psychiatric Nurse who works in Youth Offending teams, Dave was referred onto me by a colleague who works with him.

Dave’s problem as he reported to me was quite simply very uneasy states of mind bordering upon fear when driving near to a tree on a road near to where he lives, a road he has to use for work etc. During hours of darkness some months previously he had crashed his car into this tree on a wet and windy night, driving anywhere else was fine it was just this road and location, however he informed me that he believed there was a very distinct and likely eruption of the fear at any time when driving anywhere on a wet and windy dark road that had a tree. Dave reported his fear was around 7 / 8 out of 10, he was clear his fear was this wet and dark road with a tree.

Dave was quite troubled by this, he almost saw this uneasy state he was experiencing as a weakness, I explained he was experiencing some residual post traumatic stress symptomology.

I explained further to Dave during our initial session that the fight / flight / freeze process is an organic circuit board if you like, a natural piece of physiological body software programmed to keep us alive when we face danger, after the danger has passed the software is programmed to turn off, however there are certain times when the imprint of the trauma is so dense that we keep returning to the crash site.

The process of introjection and dissociation are the 2 fundamental linchpins that energy psychology and trauma are based upon, Dave’s introject was the tree, the fear was the dissociation, once I explained this to Dave, and explained the intervention, we were going to use to realign the bio field energy system, Dave seemed to relax.

I introduced Dave to one round of EFT (variant), we tapped for approximately 10 times upon each acupuncture point then pressed upon the point whilst taking one deep inhalation / exhalation. The EFT process was worked bi-laterally, working upon each side of the body, a total of 26 acupuncture points were used.

I had Dave find a location inside of his body where the fear lived, he replied it was in his chest, I asked him if the fear had a colour, he replied it was grey, so we formulated a tapping statement, “this grey fear in my chest”, each time we tapped the acupuncture point we both said this statement, myself first then Dave, I asked Dave to mirror my movements, I tapped and spoke, then he did. The whole process took nearly 25 minutes, after which Dave was quite exhausted.

I explained to Dave about the weight emotional energy can accumulate over time, and the therapy is a process of realigning the meridian energy system, the re-calibration of bio energy shutting down the body.

Emerging research from the Quantum science field studying energy and the human matrix clearly indicates that the body works on a similar manner to computers, whereby when the body has too much information to access at any one time, similar to a p c, it will shut down. Certain behaviour and physical manifestations indicate to the trained energy therapist that the process is moving “stuff” often indicated by yawning, the client becoming cold and wanting water, becoming hyper happy etc.

The second session the following week with Dave was to be our last session when asked by myself to rate the SUD’s now, Dave said he could not put a number onto the fear as it had changed, but not in a way he could verbalise, however he had driven by the tree some times since the first session and reported no visible increase in any negative emotion, “okay” he said “there is something about the tree, but it certainly does not bother me”.

After one month I contacted Dave for the first of 3 follow up’s, Dave was very glad to talk with me, he was driving past the tree regularly at night, he said his awareness of the area increases when near the tree, but not in a negative way at all, he said it was a heightened sense of himself at that time, I asked him if it related to the “ zone” of martial arts which he had practised, he said it was, time goes quiet momentarily, there is no emotional response at all so he could not SUD’s rate, and subsequently the body grey fear has been replaced by a feeling of completeness.

After a 3 month follow up, Dave was using the EFT interventions to great effect with his step daughter who had been diagnosed ADHD, he was replacing Ritalin very gradually with EFT at night and in the mornings, he said he was amazed at the decrease in her emotional response to certain stimulus, and how well she was calming.

He was not experiencing any of the original Trauma SUD’s, no greyness at all, there are no words he told me that can adequately describe the sense he has of himself in terms of the absence of the original trauma, “even thinking of the tree at all now, it just doesn’t figure”.

A final telephone call 6 months after we had finished the work, reinforced the above, Dave reported no re-emergence of the original trauma symptoms, he is using the Energy interventions in his work with his clients.

Russ Henderson

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