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Client: Don

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Nationality: British

Occupation: Full time Father

Dates: September 2007

Presenting problem / s: Severe and acute random panic attacks, sleep deprivation, no appetite, no energy, depressed, becoming increasingly agoraphobic

Treatment plan: 3 sessions in total. Assessment / diagnosis session with intro to EFT, one further session of TAT, final session of TAT, each session to incorporate cold laser.

Session one: Last year I worked with a client whom I shall refer to as Don, this young man was referred to me via a G.P. suffering symptoms of hyperarousal, sleep disorder, and panic attacks, Don had been to see the medical centre  counsellor, but after a few sessions terminated the work as he said it made things worse.

I met with Don over 3 sessions and completed my initial assessment, it was acutely clear Don was suffering symptoms of emerging Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he attributed his situation to finding an elderly relative who had suffered a stroke, lying on the floor when he got home from a night out with friends. What Don did not tell the G.P. was that during the evening he had taken Ecstasy; a stimulant chemical, which induces feelings of euphoria, with accompanying accentuated visual stimuli. Ecstasy is also a class A drug.

Don was painfully mesmerised by the continuing hallucinations of the relative whose stroke caused the eye sockets to bleed, he just kept repeating “the eyes, I can’t stop seeing the eyes”.  This was the first time Don had used this drug, and apart from using alcohol on a controlled social level, he was not using any drugs, other than Zopiclone prescribed by his G.P. for sleep management purposes.

I immediately decided that energy psychology would introduce some desperately needed “symptom relief and social control”, I based this decision upon considering regressive work with Don would likely trigger his highly active Fight, Flight programmes, and that attempting to “reframe” his trauma would, if successful likely to be short lived. Inside of energy psychology the activated Trauma has to have two main psychological components, Introjection and Dissociation. In this particular instance, the relative I considered to be the introject and the constant re-experience of finding the relative, to be the accompanying dissociation.   

For immediate relief and stabilization, we did 2 rounds of EFT. I briefly explained to Don the process of the meridian system and energy movement, inviting Don to tap and hold at various junctures along the meridians and 2 connector vessels, asking him to breathe very deeply, one fast inhalation and one very slow exhalation with each point, I was asking Don to TAB (touch and breathe) along both of the bodies bi-lateral meridians to access maximum sedatory effect. At the end of the session Don reported zero on the Subjective Units of Distress, prior to the work, the sud’s were at 10.

Session 2: I invited Don to work with the Tapas Acupressure Technique TAT, in which he held the Urinary bladder points, and third eye point on the front of the head - whilst cradling the back of the head at the occipital ridge, with his other hand. I invited Don to tune into the memory of the moment he discovered his relative, I used Cold Laser Spray on both ears, throat area and at various points upon the head, we worked like this for approximately 10 minutes with no dialogue at all, just concentrating on the process. At the end of the session Don was beaming, he said no matter how hard he tried, the face was gone, and so had the somatic sensations which were energetically linked to the emotional states.

Session 3: I met with Don the following week, he reported the problems he had discussed with me at our first session 2 weeks ago, had completely gone, and he was sleeping well, in this session which was to be our last, we put closure to the work we had done. Again we used TAT and the 4 standard step protocol.

I contacted Don after one month, he told me he was well, sleeping well, going out / leaving the house was not a problem for him, his relationship with his son was good, Don was eating, had put on weight, sleep was okay but not brilliant, however there were no intrusive dreams, and the panic attacks had completely gone, Don was still using the sleeping medication, I suggested to him that this may be habitual rather than helpful and to discuss a reduction regimen with his GP.

The 3 month telephone call reinforced the above success, and Don had finished with his Zopiclone just after Christmas with no gradual reduction, his sleep was good, but was “somehow different”, though he could not say how and why, our conversation also concluded his relationship with his son had changed as a result of the problem for the better.

The 6 month and final call told me the work had been a success, as Don had found a part time job, and a had a partner in his life, sleep was most different now as he was always exhausted at the end of the day.

All of the initial presenting symptoms had gone, as with the rest of my clients who presented with P.T.S.D. symptomology, Energy interventions seemed to be fast and effective at relief, with no re-occurrence of the presenting symptoms.

Russ Henderson

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