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Level 2 Energetic Psychology Training Workshops:

NONE of the Techniques Taught Involve Physically Touching a Child

TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) has it’s roots firmly based inside of Traditional Chinese Medicine and was devised by American acupuncturist Tapas Fleming.

NB.We are not suggesting that the techniques briefly described herein are magical, miracle cures, but nothing other than essential powerful psychological emotional / first aid tools, that if done correctly will enhance Student performance.

The technique is extremely simple to use, yet very potent in clearing psychological and emotional issues that have crystallised as negative beliefs and have become stuck inside of our bodies thought field, vital energy system.
The technique merely asks that certain electrically sensitive points along the front and back of the head are gently held, whilst focussing upon a desired outcome, we coach staff to use these as educational supports, we are not suggesting therapy.

Inside of this particular Training workshop we will be demonstrating and practising using the TAT technique for clearing negative and restrictive belief patterns, such as the narratives of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of losing, “I could never do that”, “I’m not clever enough” etc. negative and highly toxic, rigid structures of thought we hear every day from our Students in all of our Schools and Colleges.

As with the EFT (Variant) level 1 training, this workshop is run by our Principal Trainer and again has a ceiling level of 9 members of staff, again the delegates will be spending their time working in triads, getting to know and feel the interventions so that they can begin to feel confident and competent in passing this extremely powerful and elegant technique onto your Students, enabling them to overcome what will likely become intrusive thought structures that become more rigid as they mature and become older, preventing them from actualising their true innate potential.

TAT is a highly appropriate therapeutic intervention for your Children and Young Persons who you know or suspect have been traumatised through abusive relationships, the system we will be encouraging you to use will not be therapy per se, we will not be inviting you to engage a Student in “regressive work”, merely coaching you to raise your intuition so that when you sense one of your students are being held back by negative beliefs, or their quality of school life is being hampered by attitudes that have their origins in historical pain, then this a wonderful lesson to pass onto them in assisting the students to regain back their birth right to clear and lucid thinking, allowing different avenues of thought to become established, in terms of neurology the brain is re-routing itself, once newer healthier patterns of thoughts become established.

The Student will not regress to older ways of thought, as the plasticity of the brain remoulds itself, and the persons vital / bio energy current becomes amplified, thus newer behaviours emerge as the thoughts eventually take on a cellular form.

Fight and Flight behaviours which are the most challenging behaviours Teaching staff have to manage, manifest inside of the Young person via belief systems, confrontational attitude, oppositional defiance, refusal, aggression, classroom dissociation, rage, frozen silence, aggressive posturing etc, all emanate from belief systems.

TAT will allow this rigidity of thought to melt after a number of sessions, we are working with the subconscious mind, therefore as with the EFT (Variant) Training, words are very few inside of this work, and as with the Level 1 Training, TAT is an excellent accompaniment for any challenging behaviour training your staff have done or are embarking upon.

You will find as have we over many years, that TAT is a must have tool for when working with Children who have diagnoses of A.D.H.D., which is theorised that information processing across the frontal lobes and along the Corpus Callosum at the front of the head is not happening as fluidly as those non A.D.H.D. Students, Tapas Acupressure Technique ( TAT ), will free up information processing upon the inter-hemispheric fibres of the frontal lobes, the TAT process infuses a large dose of endorphins into the cellular body, calming and elevating higher thinking.

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